15 Things No Man Should EVER Say

  Most of my online research on the subject du jour uncovered articles by angry women whose baseline vitriol toward men was barely concealed under the surface. Predictably, the vast majority were specifically about what men should never say to women in particular. I found myself reading enduring endless rants over purely innocent, and in […]

10 Ways I Knew Emily Was “The One”

  Getting into a committed relationship is scary. As much as we hope the person we’re with is our “one and only”, everybody knows the reality of divorce rates. Even so, I remain appalled by how many people willingly jump like lemmings off a cliff into an exclusive relationship—or even marriage—with Mr. or Ms. Wrong. […]

Top 10 Subtle Signs That Someone Lacks Character

  Anyone who is blatantly narcissistic or psychopathic, has a hair-trigger temper, gets their jollies from swindling people, lies even when the truth is easy and/or robs banks is obviously short on character. And on the flip side, people who have a well thought out belief system that’s the cornerstone of their lives, deliver on […]

9 Ways You Ended Up In An Exclusive Relationship Without Even Knowing It

  As far as you were concerned, you’d met someone attractive and interesting and were simply “seeing where it all goes”. You wanted time to evaluate the possibility of an exclusive relationship. In your mind, going steady with someone implies testing the waters of a long-term committed partnership. You don’t take that lightly, which is […]

6 Incredibly Hot Things To Say When She Casually Brings Up Sex

  It’s such a shame, really. Sometime back in the pickup artist era it was decided that whenever women casually bring up sex during first date conversation—or friendly chit-chat, even—it must be some sort of “test”. The assumption there is she’s evaluating how we deal with the “hot potato” she’s suddenly dropped in our lap. […]

The Lost Art Of Writing Love Letters

  I recently got a call from a guy who couldn’t wait to share his latest success story with me. Suddenly, his new girlfriend was more adoring and affectionate than ever, which boosted his confidence to new heights and thrilled him to no end. What’s more, even the woman’s mother was now completely won over, […]

7 Women Who Are Probably Dateless (And Will Stay That Way)

  Whenever I set out to write a post like this, I’m tempted to lead with a disclaimer. This time I’m going to indulge. If you’re familiar with my writings, my general philosophies and especially the strength of my relationship with my wife Emily, you already know that I genuinely adore women. What you ALSO […]

7 Bad-To-The-Bone Skills That Women Love

  I’m not sure what it is lately, but I’ve been getting more than my fair share of e-mails from guys saying something to the effect of this: “But Scot, I’m incredibly useless/boring/average and there’s nothing about me that a woman would be attracted to, especially compared to other guys out there.” My knee-jerk reaction […]

That New Bud Light Commercial Where They’re On A First Date

  If you’ve been watching the NCAA tournament at all this year, you’ve probably already seen this commercial about three dozen times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMExuin6U-c Considering that it centers around a first date between two people who’ve met online, I figured it would be fun to talk about it some…especially since I haven’t broken down any TV […]

7 Clues That You’re Being Too Picky

  If you’ve been reading this blog and/or my newsletters for some time, you already know how much I tend to harp on “settling”. Essentially, I firmly believe that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get into a long-term relationship with ANYONE who isn’t really who we want. That’s all well and good. But a couple […]

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