Asian Women Vs. Beer Men And Traffic Lights

  It’s already an established fact that I have this thing for Asian flight attendants. And it’s not even like I prefer Asian women in particular. It’s just that the flight attendants over there tend to be more feminine, more graceful and—best of all—almost obsequious in their pleasure to serve. It all makes for a […]

Tindog: Straight Pimpin’, Canine Style

  In a completely random move, one of my Ten-Plus guys sent me pictures of what looked like his Golden Retriever on Tinder. Upon closer inspection, the logo on the app said “Tindog”. Dude…what? It’s not like dogs need help hooking up. I mean, they’ll hump anything that walks…including my left leg.    

My 8 Favorite Female TV Characters Of All Time

  First of all, some of you are going to roll your eyes and shake your head at this list. I’m actually looking forward to that, if for no other reason than it will prove the true point of this post (if there really is one). That’s this: All that really, seriously matters when it […]

Seducing Wild Alaska: The Truth About Male/Female Ratios Up There

  We’ve been in Alaska for the past two weeks. For real. In fact, we just got back two nights ago and we’ve pretty much been catching up on sleep since. Now, you’ve probably noticed that like one out of four shows on the Discovery or National Geographic channels have something to do with Alaska. […]

Women Made Easy: What They Do, Why They Do It And How To Be A Man About It

  Subject: A Dirty, Messy But Absolutely Thrilling Journey Into The Female Mind What if… you could rise above the frustrated, confused ranks of men all over the world who are convinced women are impossible to understand? In other words, what if you finally figured them out? For real… By that I mean legitimately knowing […]

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It’s A Girl!

Sarah Victoria Annabelle McKay arrived on Monday, 12/19 at 9:50 pm CST. Both Emily and the baby are doing fine. Here’s a pic of her when she’s literally less than 5 minutes old. Here’s another when she was a few hours old. …And another taken just this afternoon.

About FHM’s New List Of The “100 Sexiest Women In The World”

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