Why Follow Everyone Back On Twitter? [Video Blog]

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It’s no secret that I personally follow just about everyone who follows me on Twitter. And that’s the way I like it.

Nevertheless, I sometimes get a stray comment here and there to the effect of, “Dude…it’s impossible to ‘follow’ that many people. I mean, there’s like no way you can keep up with all those updates from all those people, man.”

Indeed. But my response to such naysayers is simply this: Your Twitter is too small. If you take a look beyond the surface, there’s an incredible discovery that awaits. Here’s what I mean…



So having watched the video, what say you? I’m all but sure there will be some differing opinions out there, which makes me all the more curious to hear them. Twitter is yet an “emerging” social networking platform, so let’s hear your ideas on the matter.

I already hear someone asking, “Hey, McKay…what about spammers? What about people whose content I find offensive? Do I have to follow them back?” Well the simple answer is, of course, no. And you can also block them from following you. You’re at all times the master of your Twitter domain…literally.

By the way, my auto-follow app of choice is SocialToo.

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Next time I post a video blog, we’re going to talk “Twitter Speak”. And we’ll hear from one of our coaches in between. Until then, don’t touch that dial…or, um, the mouse either. Actually, don’t let me discourage you from touching the Dial, especially if that’s the brand of soap you use.

Be Good,

Scot McKay





7 Responses to “Why Follow Everyone Back On Twitter? [Video Blog]”

  1. Heather

    Nice video. Especially liked your theory on the limit of what one can handle on Twitter – when you can’t answer all DM’s or @’s. Thanks for posting!

  2. Nice video. I have started following almost everyone who follows me. The exceptions are when I look at their account and all their tweets are marketing messages. If they start having a worthwhile conversation then I might change my mind but in till then no follow for them.

  3. Scot,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. What’s the point of just broadcasting without listening. Great advice!
    Thanks for a great video.

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  4. Rock on ROCKSTAR. Not following everyone that follow you is a bit pretentious and selfish.

    Twitter love make the giver and the receiver both smile. This is kind of like an elementary school dance where you hope to be picked and crushed if you dont. Thanks Scott for taking the time to do this. You have a grateful follwer in me.


  5. What would those twitterers who don’t follow people back have to say? That would be interesting to hear from them.

    Maybe you can approach them for an interview, Scot. How about that?

    Phy’s last blog post: ysamphy: RT @garymccaffrey has a crazy idea. 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days? Check it out http://tweetergetter.com/ysamphy

  6. Nice post Scott. I say the more the merrier! I don’t auto follow because I’d rather consciously choose who I follow, not to be pretentious, but because I really want to know something about who I am following. It is getting hard to keep up with that though so I may surrender to auto-follow and trust that I will connect when we meet in the twitter stream.

    When I can’t respond to DM’s it may be time for some new tools and strategies, not necessarily to limit the growth of followers/ees.

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