Seducing Wild Alaska: The Truth About Male/Female Ratios Up There

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There's At Least One Hottie Out There Climbing The GlaciersWe’ve been in Alaska for the past two weeks.

For real. In fact, we just got back two nights ago and we’ve pretty much been catching up on sleep since.

Now, you’ve probably noticed that like one out of four shows on the Discovery or National Geographic channels have something to do with Alaska. Usually, they refer to it as “Wild Alaska”, or something similar.

Well, if you’ve been there you don’t need me to tell you that it lived up to the hype. Whether we were hiking glaciers in Kennicott, powering through the Kenai Fjords along with a pod of Dall’s Porpoises or hauling ass up the infamous Dalton Highway toward the Arctic Circle and beyond, Alaska was nothing short of an amazing and glorious adventure at every turn.

But to me, the WILDEST thing about Alaska was something completely different…and something wholly unexpected.

You see, I’ve been hearing from guys who actually LIVE in Alaska for years now. They all say the same thing over and over:

“But Scot, I don’t have a girlfriend and the problem is that I live in Alaska. There are like 50 guys for every woman here. I have no chance with odds like that! The competition is too much to overcome.”

Having received probably fifty e-mails like that but never having been to The Last Frontier myself, you can imagine what I expected to see once we touched down at Ted Stevens Int’l, grabbed our luggage and caught a ride to the hotel.

Both Emily and I had been led to believe we’d encounter a veritable Armistice Day Parade of buff, interesting, “Marlboro Man” types interrupted only occasionally by some pasty, unappetizing chick named “Large Marge” in a 4×4 pickup truck with “Halliburton” on the side.

Instead, the reality was nothing short of SHOCKING.

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At first, it started out with an offhand observation about mid-morning the first full day we were there. “You know, Emily”, I had said, “if I didn’t know better, I’d say there were almost as many women here as there are men.”

Her response was pretty much what I anticipated it might be. “Hmmm…well, maybe it’s that we just happen to be taking a mental note of when we actually see women, and therefore our minds are playing tricks on us.”

But by the time we got to Seward (which is a darned small town over 100 miles from Anchorage), there was no doubt about it. Literally everywhere we visited, women were working there.

While there indeed were some truly “rough” looking chicks around, to our utter amazement there were honest-to-goodness cuties at every turn.

And here’s the thing. If you’re sick of stuck-up club chicks with too much makeup on, Alaska just might be your place.

Almost EVERY attractive girl we saw was the naturally beautiful, “girl next door type”. Many were very sweet and friendly. Most had a clear “adventurous streak” that had either brought them to Alaska or kept them there after graduating from school. Their active lifestyles in turn caused them to be in terrific shape physically.

Let’s just say that girls with ponytails who wear “Patagonia” gear and drive Jeeps are VERY, VERY different than “Large Marge”.

And weirdly–ironically, even–almost NONE of them seemed to have some sort of “superiority complex” whereby they walked around as if they could rudely “reject” men because the “ratios” were so favorable.

Truth be told, a disarmingly high percentage of them were SINGLE.

Go ahead. Read that again. And yes, we asked a number of the cutest ones what their dating lives were like.

By the end of the second day we were in Alaska, I was left thoroughly nonplussed by all the e-mails I’d gotten from dudes up there over the years.

I mean, geez…I was beginning to think that Alaska would be the friggin’ PLACE TO BE if you’re a single guy. So what on Earth is up with this recurring “limiting belief” stuff?

“But Scot, you were in a TOURIST town! Most of those girls you saw weren’t even from Alaska!”

Not so fast, Trigger. I know a tourist when I see one. We were taking inventory of women who WORKED there.

“But Scot, it’s summertime…all of those chicks are also LEAVING once September gets here!”

Well, I covered that one also. We asked a number of them what winter is like, and they told us all about it.

Besides, even if they WERE leaving in September you’d have all summer to enjoy them. And to be sure, we met at least a few women who started out with a “seasonal” job and never left—sometimes because they met the man of their dreams.

“But Scot, Seward is one of the nicest places in Alaska. What about elsewhere in the state?”

OK, well if you’re talking about somewhere like Deadhorse, where there’s really nothing at all going on other than the petroleum industry, then the pickins’ are probably slim. But even in Fairbanks we saw lots and lots of very pretty and friendly women…and that’s decidedly NOT a tourist destination.

Look…here it is. The whole Alaskan “limiting belief” about the male/female ratio is a bunch of horse hockey. Or maybe that should be moose hockey.

Who cares what large mammal we associate it with? It’s just NOT as big a deal as most guys who are failing with women up there make it out to be.

But hey, whether it’s from a horse or a moose, I know what they leave behind is extra difficult to clean up once it’s frozen to the tundra. So why don’t we bypass that mess altogether and stick to the facts?

Ready for this?

In researching this post, the absolute highest male/female ratio I saw for Alaska was 108.5 men for every 100 women. That was what the Washington Post claimed.

Are you KIDDING me? That’s close enough that ANY “big four” man should still be able to pretty much have his pick among high quality women.

Moreover,, the site that posts U.S. Census data, actually puts the number for the entire state of Alaska at an even closer ratio of 107/100.

Whichever figure you choose to believe, it’s FAR from even 2/1…let alone 50/1.

Just to put it all in perspective for you, have you ever thought about going to Vegas to score some chicks? Well, according to the census office your odds aren’t much better there than they are in Alaska. Nevada is at 105/100.

And get this: According to the U.S. Census Bureau itself, in the main city of Anchorage (where about of a third of the state’s population resides) the ratio is within a single percentage point. ONE POINT.

C’mon, man. That’s your excuse? Really?

If you ask me, I saw exactly enough gross dudes who hadn’t brushed their teeth or showered in two weeks while I was there to make me think that if you’re actually familiar with what a bar of soap looks like and have access to running water your ratios may actually be BETTER than in the “Lower 48”.

For real. This was not “Marlboro Country” after all.

But just to top this all off, I’m going to drop one final bomb on this discussion.

If I’ve gotten so many letters from guys who believe they have NO CHANCE with women because they’re in Alaska, think about how many men in the state who I haven’t heard from must feel likewise.

Essentially, it’s likely that you’ve got a statistically significant portion of the male population up there who have ALREADY GIVEN UP on women because of their “limiting belief”.

My Edumckayted guess is THAT could be why so many Alaskan cuties are running around solo up there. Well, that and the simple fact that they have adventurous spirits and generally confident personalities, given where they live—and that tends to intimidate lots of guys.

When you add it all up, none of the drama over the dreaded Alaskan “limiting belief” has any relevance to actual reality whatsoever. So if you’re in Alaska, reclaim your mental advantage over your hamstrung brethren and go meet some women. They’ll be GLAD you stepped up to do so.

And if you’re NOT from Alaska? Well then, you should make it a point to visit sometime. It’s nice this time of year. It’s still warm even as the Northern Lights are beginning to be visible at night.

And you should ALSO rethink your “limiting beliefs”, no matter WHAT they are. Don’t make me do “research” on being a bit overweight, bald, under six feet tall or over 40 years old in order to motivate you to act.

It’s time to man-up and realize that your excuses are only that…excuses. If you’re doing the best with what you’ve got (e.g. you’re acquainted with soap and have running water) then your ability to attract women WILL increase with your confidence that you can successfully do so.


Be Good,

Scot McKay


P.S. So what do you think of all this? Am I on to something here? Who else has experiences in Alaska to relate?

And what about other “limiting beliefs”? Which ones should we really get over and move on?

Most Valuable Player:  Be The Man High Quality Women Can't Resist



7 Responses to “Seducing Wild Alaska: The Truth About Male/Female Ratios Up There”

  1. Timtron

    Scot you’ve hit one nail right on the proverbial head.


  2. Flydiver

    I was up there for two months for work from Sept – October in 2009. I went up there expecting it to be no mans land for women, but my associate (24yrs old) and I (52yrs old) found it to be the opposite. Women were all over my young associate and I did not do too bad either. The ladies told us many of the men up there were cave men and did not know how to treat a lady.


  3. Sunshadow

    I’ve known several people (male and female) who live in Alaska and have lived there for 10 to 30 years…..several women I know, moved there to get away from past heartaches, etc and to eventually find a man/mate that they could mold into “the man of their dreams”….on the other hand, the three guys I know all agreed that when they finally did find a woman they liked, marriage and children were soon part of their conversations…..what the guys tell their friends thinking about going to Alaska: it’s a good place to get and education, find employment with a future and guarantee that if you’re looking (or not) for a female “friend”…be prepared!!! The ratio is kind of scarey…


  4. angela rude

    Yes!!! very true!! lifetime AK chick here and I cant find a worthy man to save my life. So staying beautiful..strong…independent. ..and alone forever I guess. Chop my own etc. Im a real catch but no luck in AK for this girl! :/ :)


  5. Heh… I was raised in Alaska. I played in locally famous rock bands up there all through the 80′s and early 90′s and let’s just say I never had to use any lines on the single and gorgeous women there, they picked up on US. LOTS of them. So many nobody would believe it. I agree with you, guys who can’t find a “chick” up there must simply be losers. Either that or blind. Some of the sexiest women on Earth live in Anchorage. I might just have to go back there after reading this ;-)


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