Tindog: Straight Pimpin’, Canine Style

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Chance Meeting In The ParkIn a completely random move, one of my Ten-Plus guys sent me pictures of what looked like his Golden Retriever on Tinder.

Upon closer inspection, the logo on the app said “Tindog”.

Dude…what? It’s not like dogs need help hooking up. I mean, they’ll hump anything that walks…including my left leg.

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First I laughed out loud. Somehow, as twisted as it was, the phrase “screw the pooch” automatically popped into my mind. I hadn’t thought of that term for probably fifteen years, so I made it a point to promptly forget about it all over again.

Screw The Pooch?

It was then I got that “Calvin” look on my face. I was Jonesing to interview whoever the wizard was behind the curtain.

Perhaps regrettably, as it turns out Tindog isn’t at all affiliated with this. Nor does it have anything to do with the Filipino word for “rise up”, at least not intentionally.

Nevertheless, before long I had the app’s actual developer, Julien Muller, on the other end of my Skype microphone.

Believe me, he was all too eager to clear up what the app is really all about. What followed was the most purely entertaining five-and-a-half minutes of chaos you’ve heard all week:


Among other things, Julien–who is French–didn’t quite know what to make of my question about whether or not there was a hook up app for cats in the works, especially after I took the liberty of offering him a name for it in advance.

Mercifully (or is that, “merci, fully”?), I spared Julien (and therefore by proxy, you) the French porn guy pronunciation of it.

This is a totally out-of-the-blue freebie, y’all. Enjoy.

And hey, if you download Tindog and use it let me know what you think. Hell, let me know what you think anyway. I can only guess what kind of comments this’ll get.


Be Good,

Scot McKay

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