How To Have More Fun On Twitter [Video Blog]

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OK, so check it out. I realize that you’re probably thinking I must have a firm grasp of the obvious posting a video with a title like this.

After all, shouldn’t everyone be having fun on Twitter automatically? I mean, that should happen by default. Or so you’d think, at least.

Well, even though there are “haters”, nit pickers and even sneaky Amway reps among us, it doesn’t have to harsh your buzz. In fact, I can think of several ways to take your existing level on the Twitter Enjoyment Index (TEI?) and make it skyrocket through the roof…pretty much effortlessly, I might add. Here’s the video. It’s exactly five minutes flat…booyah.



So what did I miss here? Any other ideas on how to make Twitter fun? Sock it to me below, but no…posting “inappropriate” pictures of @emilymckay doesn’t count as an “idea”. But I admire your determination.

By the way, has anyone else ever noticed that people’s demeanor on Twitter tends to match the look on their face in their avatar photos with uncanny accuracy? Come to think of it, I guess that makes me a sly smartass…but an affable sort, at least.

So LOL, will you? I’m trusting you enjoyed this one, and I’ve got more coming soon.

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Scot McKay





4 Responses to “How To Have More Fun On Twitter [Video Blog]”

  1. My favorite way to have more fun on Twitter – share the really odd occurrances in my life, like yesterday, when one of my mooses ate my cell phone.

    Something odd-ball and zany really can spark the communications. Oh, and anything beverage-of-the-gods related, like coffee – that’s good too! 🙂

    Data points, Barbara

    Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach’s last blog post: RANT – When bloggers are PAINFULLY clueless

  2. OK, Barbara. You’re going to need more than 140 characters to explain THAT one.

    “One of your mooses” ate your cell phone? How many Mooses (Meese?) do you have? …and why? What are they supposed to be eating…and how much of it? Do they talk like Bullwinkle? Did the cell phone “come out” in one piece? Did the carrier believe the story?

    Enquiring minds want to know…LOL

    BTW, when you said “beverage of the gods” I thought of beer.



  3. I have Twitter on my iPhone, and I still don’t use it that much.

    I do use it to follow some comedians who entertain me with their clever one-liners, but it’s hard to see it replacing my RSS feed.

  4. Thanks for a very nice video (I retweeted it). I am still fairly new to twitter, but I do agree with your points. It seems like a fun virtual place so far.

    Nenad Ristic’s last blog post: World Blogging Month

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