Asian Women Vs. Beer Men And Traffic Lights

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It’s already an established fact that I have this thing for Asian flight attendants. And it’s not even like I prefer Asian women in particular. It’s just that the flight attendants over there tend to be more feminine, more graceful and—best of all—almost obsequious in their pleasure to serve. It all makes for a more enjoyable 14-hour flight.

Oh, and if you really hit the jackpot, they dress in seriously exotic uniforms that no Western flight attendant would be caught dead wearing in public, like this:

Peacocking, Sri Lankan Airlines Style

Women in Asia aren’t afraid to be, well, female. That, combined with the tantalizing cultural differences between East and West, ensure that we as male visitors are treated to frequent surprises of the best possible kind.

Once you step off of the airplane, you just might find women where you never think they’d be, dripping in feminine charm at a time and place far-flung from where you’d expect to find it.

X-Ray Vision Into A Woman's Deepest Fantasies


This is not only surprising, it’s downright intriguing—capturing one’s imagination in the exact same way a woman in, say, a naughty nurse uniform or a French maid outfit would.

Except, darn it…it’s not even like THAT, exactly. It’s different. In a way it’s more innocent. And it’s somehow uniquely ASIAN. As the owner and operator of a Western psyche, one can’t really put a finger on it.

But it’s THERE, whatever it is. And it’s one of those phenomena that’s far better shown in pictures than told in words.

So today, in a spirit of pure fun, I’m going to let you in on two primo examples.

By now, I trust you’re not expecting Geishas or Thai prostitutes from a guy like me.

Nope, everybody knows about them already, anyway. This is more off the beaten path in terms of Western imagination.

The pictures that follow are from Japan and, of all places, North Korea.

Back in May we went to both countries. If you want to go to North Korea, you’ve got to join a tour. Our guide, who happened to be Irish, casually mentioned that “Traffic Girls” were perhaps his favorite part of visiting the DPRK.

My edumckayted guess is that this is not how you picture North Korea in your mind’s eye:

The Traffic Girls Of North Korea

For what it’s worth, those pictures were HARD to get. I’m pretty sure the government instructs Traffic Girls to look the other way whenever a tour bus passes.

They’re starting to install more and more traffic signals at intersections in Pyongyang, so this iconic DPRK tradition–already an anachronism–may soon become a thing of the past altogether.

Yet for now, the Traffic Girls remain, standing at attention in their trademark teal and white outfits and endearing us with their oddly playful “military” moves even as they direct traffic with their batons.

Granted, women on street corners have been distracting drivers for decades worldwide.

But on purpose…by government mandate?

Do they even realize they’re dressed like schoolgirls from some mysterious all-female military academy?

Meanwhile, the Japanese, never to be outdone by their neighbors on the Korean Peninsula, have a surprise of their own.

You may already know that Japan is even crazier about baseball than we Americans are. That’s cool enough in and of itself. But man, I have to hand it to them. How come it never occurred to us to do away with loud, scruffy beer men in the stands exchange for THIS?

Japan Beer Girls

Yeah, I threw in a girl selling snacks just for good measure. So be it.

But, back to the point. Apparently competition between young women to work as “beer girls” for baseball games is intense. Once they land the gig, they get paid according to how much they sell.

You guessed it. The resulting scene is several dozen Japanese cuties within fifty meters of where you’re seated, each competing to seem more coquettish than the next.

They have a ritual where they skip down to the bottom of the aisle, turn around and bow respectfully in the traditional Japanese way before climbing back up the steps in full-on selling mode…big smiles on their faces all the while.

It’s no wonder most of the dudes at the game are too drunk by the end to remember what happened after the sixth inning. Genius, I tell you.

Perhaps weirdly, neither DPRK Traffic Girls nor Japanese Beer Girls are always “beauty queens” in the classic sense. It’s all in their uniquely delivered feminine charm and intrigue, I figure.

So what do you think? Are you with me on this? If so, which do you like better?

Or do you think I’ve lost my marbles? If so, poke fun in the comments all you’d like, but no fair secretly hitting up Google Images for more pictures if you do.

And ladies…what’s your opinion on all of this? Should 21st-century women cease looking precious and adorable for a bunch of sweaty men, or are you off to Google in your own right searching for Japan Beer Girl and DPRK Traffic Girl costumes to wear in the bedroom?


Be Good,

Scot McKay

P.S. Maybe you’re just wondering how the hell we went to freaking North Korea to begin with. I promise that whole story is coming soon. But if you’re thinking you’d like to go yourself sometime, you probably can. Hit me up and I’ll give you the details.



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19 Responses to “Asian Women Vs. Beer Men And Traffic Lights”

  1. Kevin

    These lovely ladies are truly feminine because they have not been infected with radical feminism & they are not from the typically man bashing misandrist Western ” cultures ” ,that is designed to program women into viewing men as lesser beings! I bet that trip to DPRK especially was an experience.


  2. Steve

    Have you lost your marbles? No. Years ago, I spent time in Japan with the Navy. I will never forget the feminine charm of the Japanese women. And the business women in Tokyo? Wearing full length silky dresses with long sleeves, almost no skin showed, yet they were some of the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. They redefined what’s sexy for me. Feminine charm is everything. Feminine charm can turn an average woman into one of the most desirable women in the world.


  3. How about dumping your Barbie Doll Cheerleaders from your Masthead (which I find demeaning) for Beer Girls and Traffic Girls. We are a diminishing minority. So many men prefer Barbie Doll Cheerleaders. Also forget your demeaning porno fantasies in regards these feminine Asian women. They do not go down easy. They are of a culture that values family, where a woman respects the creative function of her body and upholds the best interests of a potential child – a home with a father who lives in it. I prefer Asian men. They head their households with concern and responsibility for their families. They are very much involved in their children – they are fatherly, a trait not often found in the West.


  4. I agree it is not the customary facial beauty or curvaceous figures (hard to see under the modest dress) that elicits sexual appeal. It is the femininity of the Asian women. So a question, what are the aspects of the Asian male’s lead that influences Asian women to value and express their femininity?


    • I personally believe that both men and women tend to like expressing their respective masculinity and femininity simply because we enjoy being sexually attractive to those whom we’re in turn sexually attracted to.

      As for male leadership, I don’t think it’s uniquely Asian, but most men who are well-meaning and not broken in some way (e.g. abusers, control freaks) LOVE to provide and protect, and are therefore hard wired to make decisions that are in their woman’s (and eventually their family’s) best interest.

      Similarly, women love men who “listen” not because they want to boss guys around, but rather because they instinctively know a man can’t lead in a woman’s best interest without even understanding what those best interests are.

      Not to complicate matters, but bear in mind that none of this necessarily means that the man and woman don’t have equal say in a real-world relationship. For example, a husband and wife can each have valid ideas that are acted upon. Yet, the relationship always seems to go better when it’s the man who says, “make it so”. Imagine if you will a man saying to his wife, “Honey, we really need the carpet cleaned.” Then, the wife saying, “You’re right. Let’s call the carpet cleaning company straightaway.” In the real world, because of the nature of the male/female attraction “dance”, it tends to be the other way around. All the while, though, it’s been the wife’s idea to get the carpet cleaned. When the man agrees, she might be delighted that he’s such a “provider”…even if both contribute equally to the family cash flow.

      Really, it’s all about acting on our respective attraction mechanisms. It all goes back to the reason why women universally can’t stand when a man picks them up for a date and asks, “Uh…so where do you want to go?”


  5. egrava

    Being part of a tour in North Korea, I’m sure that what you saw was choreographed. They wanted you to see the traffic girls, all dressed up. Every other North Korean seems to be dressed in drab, olive or gray clothes.(picture lower right)

    I’ve seen the almost famous ferris wheel, in Sinunju, DPRK, across from Dandong, China. I’ve heard that it has never actually run, but is meant to show western eyes that all is fun and games in DPRK.

    I agree that the femininity of Asian women comes through loud and clear. It is apparent when there is no other communication possible, because of the language barrier. The only thing left is feminine and masculine body language.


    • Oh, I can assure you that Traffic Girls are a thing in the DPRK. There are really very few western tourists in the DPRK at any given time so there would be a lot to choreograph for just a few people. We actually went to a modern amusement park that was quite crowded and saw plenty of people (women especially) who were dressed in more colorful clothes.

      All of that said, you’re correct in that we didn’t exactly see anyone dressed in haute couture. There were also plenty of distressing sights, particularly outside the capital.

      I agree with you 100% that masuliniity/femininity is a truly international language. Men are men and women are women everywhere we’ve ever traveled to.


  6. egrava

    fixed the email


  7. This is a very thought provoking blog. In the photos I see Asian women who are grounded in their femininity. It seems they love and value themselves without regard to ideal physical attibutes. I would love for more American/Western women to feel this way about themselves and men too in regards their self-regard for being men. Within our culture we are probably standardizing and objectifying people in other ways too – not just in areas of gender and sexuality. Maybe someday we will come to honor the essence of each individual, really see each other.


    • I’ve come to believe that certain luxuries of developed first-world culture are what sometimes get in the way of that. Emily and I have clearly noticed how people in less-privileged parts of the world often have greater real, human-to-human community and judge each other much less. Not always, obviously, but often.


  8. Zahir

    This is true for the East Asian women. But you have put Sri Lankan flight attendants pictures here. Sri Lankan women are dark skinned and they are not considered famine or charming. Even European women are more famine than Sri Lankans.


    • Zahir, given that you’re confusing “feminine” with a “famine”, I urge you to consider that others might not share your opinion…and for valid reason.


      • Zahir

        Sorry for my spelling. But don’t get me wrong. I am only talking about Sri Lanka. Women in Sri Lanka are dark skinned. How can you even expect them to be feminine or charming or beautiful or whatever it is. Naturally they are not like the way they are in the photo you have uploaded.


        • I’ve been to Sri Lanka, and there were plenty of women there who were charming, feminine AND beautiful. Not everyone shares the same taste you do, Zahir.


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