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Product Image For Click With HimFive months in the making, Click With Him has finally been released to the world…specifically, to every sharp woman out there who refuses to settle for mediocrity when it comes to online dating.

And true to form, I’ve been awake since about eleven a.m. yesterday taking care of all the “background” details to make sure Emily’s new program is absolutely top-notch.

It is. That’s an understatement.

Emily has free videos for you when you sign up at They’ve all been posted within the last 24 hours, so this is all new information.

In them, she offers a friendly intro…then it’s down to business. She has two videos that give away secrets that (in my educated opinion, as a guy) are about the most powerful online dating ideas for women I’ve ever seen put into words.

She has absolutely got it right…any woman who watches those two videos will be instantly more attractive to the RIGHT kind of guys. I can recognize that immediately. Hell, looking back, women who “got” what Emily’s talking about almost always caught my attention online.

So why is she giving this kind of information away?

I concept is very simple really. Once you hear what Emily has going on in two videos of less than a minute each, you are going to have a very good idea of what the rest of over ten hours of Click With Him magic can do for one’s dating life.

Plus, the truth is I can begin to do Click With Him justice in this blog post. Once you behold every wonder that awaits you (as written on Emily’s web page in all it’s pink glory), it’s going to occur to you: There will never again be a good excuse for a woman not to dramatically increase her online dating success.

Seventeen audio programs, including a complete plan for meeting the guy of your dreams in 30 days or less (backed by a real track record to prove it can be done).

An online profile “makeover” so comprehensive that over an hour of audio and a full-length video program are devoted to it.

How exactly to weed out cheaters. How to find a great guy even if his profile isn’t so great. How to make sure first dates go brilliantly…leading to second dates and more. Special guests, with more to come (did we mention that Click With Him is going to continue to expand, just like VIRTUOSITY for the guys?).

Emily has even figured out how what makes men want to commit to the right woman.

So my advice, for the moment, is to stop reading this blog and get in on all the excitement at Click With Him.

Even if you’re a guy, you should see what Emily is talking about. She’s so right on that any guys’ game would be helped just to soak some of this all in.

Every single program I’ve ever seen with six or eight CDs worth of material has gone for at least double the $97 ticket price for Click With Him . Well, except for Online Dating Domination, but that doesn’t count.

Speaking of Online Dating Domination (and VIRTUOSITY for that matter), I couldn’t allow myself to do a profile makeover video for Emily’s new project without doing the same for my bros.

It isn’t even on the web page yet, but RIGHT NOW you can get a full online profile tutorial video with either program. And yep…I’m making more. Use “xy35off” when you order, compliments of Yours Truly.

Yours Truly,


P.S. Now I’m taking a nap!


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