Chick Whispering: Can You Really Figure Women Out?

Well, if you’re a guy you can’t exactly crawl inside a woman’s skin and become one in order to find out what’s truly on her mind and what motivates her (at least not usually). But that’s not to say you necessarily have to be completely lost when it comes to gaining some true insight into […]

New Video Featuring Real-World Success Stories

OK, you know it’s a busy day when a complete, 100% overhaul to the main X & Y Communications website takes second billing. But that’s the kind of day this is. After all, we announced a photo contest in the last newsletter for guys, and we’ve chosen the winners. What’s more, we’ve already produced a […]

Letter From A Reader: Hugging, Holding Hands, And That’s It [Video]

Recently I received an e-mail from Matt, who has been hanging out with a woman who seems interested in hugging and holding hands…but not a whole lot more than that, if anything. Apparently, based on the letters I receive, this is a problem that lots of guys face at one point or another. So what […]

Sharpen Your Online Dating Skills Using Twitter [Video Blog]

Let’s face it, guys really know how to mess up their chances with women online. As a matter of fact, it usually starts with the very first email a guy sends to a woman he’s interested in. And once he’s blown his chances there, it’s nearly impossible to recover. Well, short of cutting and pasting […]

How To Have More Fun On Twitter [Video Blog]

OK, so check it out. I realize that you’re probably thinking I must have a firm grasp of the obvious posting a video with a title like this. After all, shouldn’t everyone be having fun on Twitter automatically? I mean, that should happen by default. Or so you’d think, at least. Well, even though there […]

Twitter Lingo: The Insider’s Guide To The Language Of Twitter [Video Blog]

Lately we’ve been having a lot of fun on Twitter, which is pretty much the way it should be. One major way we’ve all been amusing ourselves is by inventing “Twitter Lingo”, or creative terms for various stuff that goes on in the Twittersphere. Invariably, whenever such a term is used anytime after it’s initial […]

Why Follow Everyone Back On Twitter? [Video Blog]

It’s no secret that I personally follow just about everyone who follows me on Twitter. And that’s the way I like it. Nevertheless, I sometimes get a stray comment here and there to the effect of, “Dude…it’s impossible to ‘follow’ that many people. I mean, there’s like no way you can keep up with all […]

How To Get 1000 Twitter Followers In 12 Days [Video Blog]

OK, today I’ve got something that’s clearly a change of pace. As you know, I’ve been harping on Twitter constantly lately. But that’s for good reason. This is not only the hottest social networking site on Earth at the moment, it’s also arguably the most significant in terms of blasting your online dating success through […]

Online Dating: Loaded Down With Questions [Video]

OK, here’s yet another video blog for you, loaded down with online dating tips just for you. And appropriately as such, this particular video considers what to do when someone you’ve just met starts loading you down with questions….     So tell me, I bet you can relate to this one, can’t you? Let’s […]

Online Dating: More Than Just A Pretty Face? [Video]

I think we’ve all seen those online profiles where the woman automatically assumed that she was enough of a “hottie” that her pictures were all that was necessary. The rest of the profile is essentially blank as a sheet, with the possible exception of a stray line to the effect of, “Hey, you’ve seen the […]

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