A Dating Coach’s Take On Why Mass Shootings Happen

  I don’t consider myself to be a world expert in sociology, abnormal psychology or criminal justice. Nor am I sworn to the political right or left. Given the conversation at hand, all of that might be an advantage in my case. At the very least, I have no problem “opening a can” on the […]

10 Ways I Knew Emily Was “The One”

  Getting into a committed relationship is scary. As much as we hope the person we’re with is our “one and only”, everybody knows the reality of divorce rates. Even so, I remain appalled by how many people willingly jump like lemmings off a cliff into an exclusive relationship—or even marriage—with Mr. or Ms. Wrong. […]

8 Surefire Ways To Tell: Are You A Fun Person?

  Astonishingly, there’s very little on the web addressing the topic du jour. Mostly, it’s a few quiz sites asking pretty random questions that carry the personal assumptions of whoever authored them. There’s nothing really, well, helpful or definitive there. So then, given how absolutely crucial being fun is to the attraction process, let alone […]

Will You Pass The “Interesting Test”?

  By now you know that a man who leads an interesting life replete with way cool and exhilarating activities stands a much better chance of attracting desirable women than a guy who spends most of his time on the couch watching the tube and eating Cheetos. This is much to the chagrin of probably […]

Do You “Take Yourself Too Seriously”?

  I’m going to level with you on this one. Part of why I’m writing this particular blog post is because I want to force myself to finally come to grips with a subject that I’ve always thought I understood—at least in principle—but lately am not so sure I REALLY, TRULY get. That would be […]

Do You Really Have A “Porn Problem”?

  What I’m about to share with you comes after months of consideration, countless conversations with real guys everywhere and yes…a final decision that despite how controversial my thoughts are going to be to some, this post really NEEDS to be written. Here’s the thing. I get a lot of messages from guys on the […]

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What The Heck Is A Man’s “Feminine Side”, Anyway?


Cheating Or Not: What Does “Being Faithful” Actually Mean?


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