Who Else Is Ready To Message Mariah Carey On Match.com?

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Celebrities Are Turning Up On Online Dating Sites More OftenThis past week Mariah Carey signed up for Match.com and posted a profile.

In case you think I’m kidding, log in and run a username search for “MC1toInfinity”. There she is…at least as of June 7th, 2015 when I’m writing this.

It’s all legit, by the way. Mariah talked about it herself and major media is carrying the story.

Now, not being the type of guy who gets star struck, you’re probably wondering why I care about this.

It’s because she said she can cook. Nah, I’m just kidding.

Mostly, it’s significant because it throws a big old sloppy wrench in the works. Any stigma associated with online dating, were it still a factor anywhere, has now officially been banished into the wilderness forever.

I mean, if a globally known pop star who has always “been considered attractive by her friends” is online, there aren’t many Mulligans to be handed out when it comes to the “I’m too good for that”, “that’s for people who can’t meet anyone in the ‘real world'” or “I’m not desperate enough for that” excuses.

As it turns out, this sort of thing isn’t a fluke, either. The likes of Halle Berry and Lindsey Lohan, among other Hollywood types, have confirmed personally that they’ve done the online dating thing.

Regardless of your personal opinion on any of the aforementioned women, we all have to agree that they’re probably not short on male attention.

I’ll spare you the list of other famous and arguably attractive people—male and female—who’ve turned up on Match, eHarmony and even Tinder (!) because you can Google the list yourself.

But even among guys I’ve worked with, the women they’ve met online include cheerleaders for pro teams (at least four of those), a former contestant on The Bachelor and even an Olympic gymnast.

So with that rant out of the way, what’s up with Mariah?

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For starters, here are some quick takeaways based on over a decade of immersion in online dating stuff.

First, and perhaps foremost, a memo to all of you guys who’ve previously ignored my exhortations to expand your search criteria beyond “slender” and “athletic and toned”. Mariah describes herself as “curvy”, which in the vernacular of most men sounds exactly like “a few extra pounds”.

In other words, if you’re the typical guy on Match.com in NYC, Mariah probably isn’t even coming up in your searches.

Ditto if you’re all about dating younger women exclusively. Mariah is 45.

Next, consider that Mariah posted her profile at the same time she’s releasing new material. This is surely not a coincidence. While my knee-jerk reaction was to therefore dismiss the whole thing as a mere publicity stunt, I gave it some more thought.

Now, the simple fact of the matter is that Mariah is indeed single and her profile’s “stat sheet” is accurate. My gut feeling is that if a man writes her and occurs to her as interesting, she WILL respond to him.

After all, she’s a red-blooded human being. Other famous celebrities have openly admitted that they wanted to find someone OUTSIDE the bubble of famous people they run with, leading them to online dating. What if Mariah is thinking the same thing?

So I’m saying there’s a chance…

But hold on, there’s much more going on here that’s worth discussing.

For example, think of the concrete, objective ramifications of celebrities actually using a dating site for “publicity”. So should we summarily dismiss this phenomenon as pure hype?

There’s no denying that this is already going on. If it becomes more of a trend, sites like Match.com will follow the pattern we’ve seen unfold on Twitter and Instagram for several years now.

You’ll have more direct access to celebrities, just like you have on Twitter these days. BUT…since it follows logically that only single celebs would go the online dating site route, you’ll then have the theoretical potential to go on DATES with them.

You could possibly even end up HOOKING UP with them, provided you’re enough of a bad ass to rise to the top of the inbox.

This is massive.

There’s now a window of opportunity where there never really was one before. And if I can show you the secrets of getting responses from celebrities, you’ll have a definitive edge over the 99.9% majority of yay-hoos out there who are all going to write Mariah and say, “Uh…are you really Mariah Carey? Hit me up if so.”

Hint: That’s NOT a pickup line that will end well for you.

Let’s just say I’m already working on definitive strategies for you, and will roll them out when ready.

But in the meantime, here’s a freebie…just to prove the wheels are turning even as we speak.

Go to Mariah’s profile on Match. Take a look at who shows up in the “You Might Like” footer. There will be three women there. If on the off chance you don’t like any of them, no worries. Just refresh the page until you find one who’s potentially interesting.

Then, write her and tell her what just happened. Out of curiosity,you went to Mariah Carey’s profile because you read something about her being on Match. But THEN, she appeared in the “You Might Like” section. So, you figured she might enjoy knowing that Match thinks she’s like Mariah Carey.

I guarantee you’ll get a response to an e-mail like that. It doesn’t even matter that Match’s algorithm might be purely random. Who knows or cares? The irresistible intrigue will have been created on her part no matter what.

Bear in mind you’re just passing on info, in a matter-of-fact kind of way. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to gush compliments. If done effectively, you won’t even show interest just yet.

Go ahead, try it and let me know what happens.

But before I sign off, I want to have some fun. So here’s a contest for you.

In the comment section below, write the first e-mail you’d send to Mariah on Match.com. Swing for the fence and give it your best shot.

As a prize, I’ll gladly fork over a minty-fresh copy of Online Dating Domination 2.0 to the author of the best one posted within the next seven days

Come to think of it, all of you guys who already own Online Dating Domination 2.0 will have a CLEAR inside track to victory here.

So how about this? You’ll get your choice of ANY of my nine major programs if your entry is the winner. Fair enough?

I know some of you are well-practiced at this and insanely good at it. I can’t wait to see your entries.

And what the heck…all of you ladies out there are welcome to help me judge the entries. Give these guys some valuable feedback.

Oh, and if any of you actually write Mariah Carey for real and she responds, you’ve GOT to let me know about it. Bonus points if you use the practical steps in Online Dating Domination 2.0, of course.


Be Good,

Scot McKay


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8 Responses to “Who Else Is Ready To Message Mariah Carey On Match.com?”

  1. Kevin

    Part of me is not surprised given the rise & continued growth of the internet also far fewer people go to bars / clubs nowadays , here in Nottingham , England , it was a known as a party city with loads of stag & hen nights , now even on a Saturday night it’s dead compared to esp mid -late 90’s ( worked as door staff then ), many venues that were around then have long gone.

    Mariah won’t go for your average guy , let’s be real , you will have to bring a huge amount to the table here , she also has a rep of being a demanding diva , so most guys wouldn’t even contact her , so if your profile stands out…who knows..could be jackpot !!


  2. Frank

    Hey Mariah,
    And now your hero has come along
    To give you the strength to carry on
    Now that Nick has come and gone
    Are you ready for the real mon?
    Only problem is im broke
    But not to worry, I can sing
    Together we make beautiful music in the shower
    And if we forget the lines we wing it for hour.


  3. James

    I can only imagine the kind of messages you’re getting. First off here’s a bit about myself. Sometimes I’m nice and sometimes I’m edgy.

    I am totally the kind of guy that would help a little old lady cross the street… except I have yet to see an old lady that actually needs help crossing the street… On some days I just feel like being a badass and I’ll go and do crazy things like go and buy groceries at Costco when I’m really hungry.

    In person I have no idea what you’re like but I don’t think Mariah Carey would be very scary. A question I am curious about… of all the songs you have ever written, which was the song that meant the most to you and was influenced by your true self?


  4. Josh

    Subject: For someone who seems like….

    Body: …she would be interesting to get to know, you sure don’t say much.


    Hey, it worked to get Emily, why couldn’t it work on Mariah Carey?


  5. Frank and James, you’ve made this a tough call. But since BOTH of you really need Online Dating Domination 2.0, I’m calling it a tie.

    Hell, apparently it takes sheer GUTS to even enter, so respect…

    Write me at scot@deservewhatyouwant.com and I’ll make sure both of you get a copy of the program. Congrats, and use it well!


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