A Dating Coach’s Take On Why Mass Shootings Happen

  I don’t consider myself to be a world expert in sociology, abnormal psychology or criminal justice. Nor am I sworn to the political right or left. Given the conversation at hand, all of that might be an advantage in my case. At the very least, I have no problem “opening a can” on the […]

A Dirty Dozen Examples: What To Do When She Does You Wrong

  I’m disheartened by the number of truly angry guys there are out there. Nonplussed by the trend toward female empowerment at the expense of the male gender, more and more men are “going their own way”. They’re saying they just don’t need real, live women anymore. You need only rifle through the hundreds of […]

Flirting Like Wildfire: 50 Hot “Done For You” Conversations That Lead To Sex


Is It A Bad Thing For Couples To Argue?


How To Reconcile With Your Dad (And Why You Should Bother To)


X & Y On The Fly #45 — Open Relationships

It’s true that I don’t blog much anymore at all, let alone every time a new podcast episode hits the street. But this particular newly-released episode of X & Y On The Fly probably is going to raise some eyebrows, so I figured I’d give you a bit of an idea of what to expect. […]

Success With Women: Recognize Breakthroughs…And Kick The Door In.

We’re all on our own journey and I’d like to share with you part of mine. One year ago I left my former career to start business, even though I had never sold anything before and had no idea what I was going to do. I’ll spare the details as they don’t add much, but […]

X & Y On The Fly #40–When Kids Are In The Picture

This episode represents a bit of a change of pace for Emily and I. This time we talk about all the potential issues associated with dating when you have kids. …Or when the person you are dating has kids. …Or when you and the other person have kids together. Basically, this show contains both dating […]

Rejection And The Rules Of Approach [Part Two]

As promised in Part One, let me give you an example from my Saturday night. One group was sitting awkwardly at the bar, in a big circle they made with a bunch of meathead looking guys to their right. I could not tell if they were friends or not. One other girl looked completely miserable, […]

Online Dating: Match.com’s New “Match Your Friends” Feature [Video]

Hello All: Last time you got my rant on eHarmony. Well, as you’re about to find out, as much of a “Match.com Apologist” I am, it’s time for “equal time”. And for sure, Match isn’t completely off the hook by any stretch. Here’s the latest evidence…     First it was “If you completely fail […]

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