The Master Plan Is LIVE

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Become The High Quality Man Women Crave With The Master PlanToday is the day everything changes.

Until now, it has been implied to us as guys that we needed to “soften our demeanor”, “be nice” and otherwise fall in line with modern “feminized” culture.

The problem? Although we’ve been encouraged to think masculinity is somehow a bad thing, nobody ever gave us a roadmap for what to replace it with.

Obviously, the answer isn’t to be more feminine. Nothing lands a guy in the “Just Be Friends” zone more quickly.

So are we supposed to just “turn off” the masculinity…cold turkey? Well…if you’re neuter, you pretty much have zero chance at attracting anyone sexually.

Maybe the solution is a lot more simple.: There really isn’t anything wrong with masculinity to begin with.

That’s what I personally believe. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that most women want their men back.




That’s where The Master Plan comes in.

You were born to attract women. That means you already are a “natural”. All it takes is going back and retrieving your birthright.

Today The Master Plan was released to the world. Already, response has been tremendous.

Clearly guys are ready to step up and start attracting high quality women rather than just any woman.

Being a “Big Four” man is what it’s all about: 1) Confidence 2) Masculinity 3) Inspiring Confidence In Women 4) Character

You put those together, you attract great women. Period.

And that’s exactly what The Master Plan is all about.

Well, that and a whole dogpile of amazing bonuses from The Social Man, Carlos Xuma, Stephen Nash, Rion Williams, Dave M., P.U.M.A. Skills, Slade Shaw and more.

I even have some great guests like Zan Perrion, Marni Kinrys and the guys from AMP…who all brought completely original content. But hey, that’s what happens when you approach things from a completely different perspective than most pickup artists do, right?

Here’s where you can check it out for yourself:

The Master Plan

So what if “be yourself” was actually GOOD ADVICE for a change? If you are all about making that happen in your life, then The Master Plan is for you.

Be Good,

Scot McKay






2 Responses to “The Master Plan Is LIVE”

  1. Hey just wanted to say thanks for finally making sense out of the advice: “Be Yourself”…it now makes complete sense.

    Adonis’s last blog post: Kezia – Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last?

  2. You’re welcome. “Be yourself” only makes sense if it’s WORKING…and that means being the ultimate version of your authentic self.

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