Perfectionism And How To Tackle It…For Dating Success And Beyond

It has been a while since I posted my last article on this blog, and it’s already February 2009, so you may wonder why I have remained silent for a few weeks? And the truth is that I was afraid. Yes, I was afraid of writing an article which will be anything less than perfect. […]

Alcohol-Free Authenticity — Improve Your Success With Women When Sober

When you are out on the town having a good time with your friends and talking to girls, it may be so tempting to have a few drinks. Perhaps, drinking allows you to relax, get you out of your head, makes you more impulsive and talkative, and helps you to be your natural attractive self […]

The Power of Being Observant In Pickup

Ok guys, around here it is mentioned a lot how a man can almost have what appears to be superpowers with a woman. Being observant is yet another one of those powers. I find it to be the most important aspect in my dating game, especially lately. It takes experience, it takes ups and downs […]

Junior Is A Flirt

Keep your infant daughters away from my kid. Actually, check that. Keep your pre-teen daughters away from him. Seriously, Scot, Jr. (aka “Micky Mac”) is a serious flirt. Already. At the ripe old age of eleven months. And yes…he’s diggin’ on “older women”. We knew pretty quickly that he had a thing for g-i-r-l-s, but […]

Who Says The Leading Man ISN’T About Pickup, After All?

Structured Authentic Game

A few years ago when I was just starting on this journey to becoming a man who is successful with women, I studied a lot of material on the structure of “outer” game. As many people here would know, a lot of various seduction-related sources agree on the general structure of the game. This can […]

Thundercat’s BootyCast

How’s it going everyone? Today I was Joseph “Thundercat” Matthews’ guest on his BootyCast podcast. Surprised? Well, don’t ever say I shy away from hardcore Seduction Community stuff because this is the real deal. I’ll tell you what, Thundy’s blog readers are about as tough an audience as I’ve seen out there. We talked a […]

Three Tips For Guys Who Are Starting Out

In today’s post I’m going to try to break down some of the things that I did when I was starting out on this journey that I believe helped me out. First, I recommend getting some friends/wingmen who are also along this journey. I met 4 guys early on after I joined a forum. These […]

Five Ways To Get Women To Approach You

Here’s a question I get all the time: “Hey Scot, how do I know when a woman is interested in me? And how can I get women to approach me first?” Okay, that’s actually two questions. But you get the point. Well, we all know that women are typically subtle creatures. They aren’t often going […]

Rejection And The Rules Of Approach [Part Two]

As promised in Part One, let me give you an example from my Saturday night. One group was sitting awkwardly at the bar, in a big circle they made with a bunch of meathead looking guys to their right. I could not tell if they were friends or not. One other girl looked completely miserable, […]

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