Perfectionism And How To Tackle It…For Dating Success And Beyond

It has been a while since I posted my last article on this blog, and it’s already February 2009, so you may wonder why I have remained silent for a few weeks? And the truth is that I was afraid. Yes, I was afraid of writing an article which will be anything less than perfect. […]

Motivation Turbo-Charger Part 1: Getting Going

I want to make a confession. I have been putting off writing this article for about a week. I know that I have lots to write about, and yet I didn’t write this article until this very moment. I even made up all those “other” things to do around my office to avoid writing this. […]

Alcohol-Free Authenticity — Improve Your Success With Women When Sober

When you are out on the town having a good time with your friends and talking to girls, it may be so tempting to have a few drinks. Perhaps, drinking allows you to relax, get you out of your head, makes you more impulsive and talkative, and helps you to be your natural attractive self […]

A Powerful Way To Lead A Woman

What I’m going to share with you today is the kind of the elusive obvious that can totally make or break your interaction with the woman. If you frequently finish in the “just friends” zone with the woman or you are sometimes unable to transition your conversation with the girl from the “intelligent and witty” […]

Structured Authentic Game

A few years ago when I was just starting on this journey to becoming a man who is successful with women, I studied a lot of material on the structure of “outer” game. As many people here would know, a lot of various seduction-related sources agree on the general structure of the game. This can […]

Make Your Authentic Voice Heard

As I was driving home a couple of days ago thinking about writing this post, I got a message from my friend that sounded a bit new-agey but perfectly summarised some of my ideas on how we can relate to women from the position of authenticity. That message said: “In your most authentic self your […]

How To Deserve What You Want By Being Yourself

The concept of deserving what you want is the fundamental one in this community. But let me ask you a question. How do you understand this concept? See, some time ago I caught myself thinking that I constantly worked on developing myself in order to deserve great women in my life. Like an athlete preparing […]

How To Approach Naturally Without Fear

I always wondered how to approach and start a conversation with the attractive women I would meet on the street, in a supermarket, or in a coffee shop. At first, I felt that initial excitement arising within me, but this excitement quickly turned into a paralytic fear…Have you ever felt this paralyzing, soul-freezing fear? Hot […]

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