The Magic Word That Leads To A Better Social Life

I’ve been a bit of a workaholic lately. I bring this up because I’m tired after my work weeks and don’t always feel the energy. A friend of mine recently called and said “Hey, Austin, how would you like to go do this zombie walk?” What’s a “zombie walk”? As it turns out, it’s a […]

Presence Vs. Attention = Happy Women Everywhere

Having spent the last year of my life on entrepreneurial pursuits, I’ve learned some hard lessons about keeping a woman happy. At the height of my working tirades I’d get a call from my girlfriend at the time and I’d keep clicky clacking away on the computer. I’d talk and I’d try to stay in […]

Success With Women: Recognize Breakthroughs…And Kick The Door In.

We’re all on our own journey and I’d like to share with you part of mine. One year ago I left my former career to start business, even though I had never sold anything before and had no idea what I was going to do. I’ll spare the details as they don’t add much, but […]

Universal Conversation Skills: Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

For the longest time I was frustrated. I wanted people to take an interest in me. After all I thought I was interesting. I had just returned to the states after two years living abroad. I thought I was a master conversationalist with the most interesting topic in the world: Me. Little did I know […]

Name Memorization And The Art Of Working the Room

Before you read this post, I ask that you ready yourself to learn and apply what you’re about to read. When I first got into pickup this was my “working the room” game and it brought me much success. I challenge you to try this at your next customer meeting, house party, or night out. […]

Be a Social Leader in One Easy Step

In my journey through pickup I’ve found this whole thing is more about learning social leadership than anything else. One thing we all have in common is we are leaders. If we weren’t leaders we would settle for what we get like everyone else does. Today I’d like to help you assume your role as […]

Change Your Life! Delete These Songs From Your iPod

Yes, you read the title correctly. If you want to change your life and get better with everything, take this step now. Delete the following songs from your iPod. Here’s my “Top-Ten List Countdown”: 10. My Everything (98 Degrees) “You are my everything Nothing your love won’t bring My life is yours alone” 9. Faith […]

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